The "TZFAT HERALD" for English speakers is underway

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Susan Cohen grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, and attended the New England Hebrew Academy and Boston University. Her thirty-year career in entertainment and sports includes stints as a Hollywood columnist, feature reporter for over a dozen newspapers and magazines, and associate producer on a soap opera. Her on- air career included regular appearances as a commentator in Los Angeles, and her on-air reports for ABC television on home life in Israel during the first Gulf War in 1991 were seen by millions across the United States.

Susan Cohen

Her passion for basketball took her from developing a youth league for girls to jobs for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Devoted to the development of sports for girls and women, she was the media director for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA.

 Susan with Israeli basketball legend Tal Brody and Dani Menkin, writer director of "On the Map"- the story of the Maccabi Team's win of the European championship in 1977
Susan with Tamir Goodman. Sports Illustrated called him "the Jewish Jordan". He was the 25th highest ranked high school player in the US in 2000 and played for for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Susan’s parents, Jimmy and Lillian Cohen, settled in Tzfat in 1979, and were heavily immersed in local affairs – with a particular focus on the Ethiopian community, the English library and a wide array of other chesed projects. They instilled their love and devotion for Jewish education, and the overall wellbeing of all Jews in all their children. Susan shares their deep love for Tzfat and hopes to carry it on with the publication of The Tzfat Herald.

Meir Glaser has called Tzfat his home since 1977. When he and his wife, Israeli-born Chana, married, they bought a delapidated ruin in the old city, restored it, and raised their large family there.

Meir Glaser

Meir started his career as a teacher, and spent many years working for Bank Hapoalim. Taking an early retirement, he founded Bishvil Halev – Path of the Heart – which provides experiential activities for tourists, locals, schools and businesses.
A long-time friend and student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, his spirited and moving voice and guitar, coupled with his immense Torah knowledge and passion for the history of Tzfat provide the essence for his increasingly popular tours.
His unique perspective of the spirit and culture of our city will be an integral part of The Tzfat Herald.

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